Chiropractic Costs and Coverage

Your chiropractor will ensure you understand the costs involved in your care, which will vary depending on the treatment and examinations procedures required. A variety of coverage options are available through Manitoba Health, insurance agencies or private insurance.

Manitoba Health Coverage

The provincial government provides partial coverage for the cost of chiropractic adjustment (adjustment of the spinal column, pelvis and extremities) in the amount of $8.29 per adjustment, to a maximum of 7 visits per calendar year per patient. This coverage does not include other services such as the examination, re-examination, x-rays, consultation, general information on exercises or nutrition, or other therapies used to support the chiropractic adjustment.

Private and Group Insurance

Many individual and workplace group benefits programs have Extended Health Care plans that provide chiropractic coverage based on a percentage of costs. Ask your insurance provider or workplace about your policy benefits regarding chiropractic care. Some insurance companies will allow the chiropractor to bill direct for most chiropractic services.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

In Manitoba, chiropractic care is fully covered for individuals injured in a motor vehicle collision. Where possible, persons injured in a motor vehicle accident should consult a chiropractor within 24 hours of the collision. Early diagnosis and treatment of the neck, back, headaches, extremities, or jaw symptoms can lead to quicker recovery. You can report a claim by phoning the MPI Bodily Injury Claim Centre at (204) 985-7000 to receive a Bodily Injury Claim Number. Inform the MPI service representative that you are seeing a chiropractor for care.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

The Workers Compensation Act gives the workers of Manitoba the right to choose chiropractic care for injuries that occur while on the job. There is full coverage for the chiropractic examination, x-rays, treatment, authorized supportive devices and required reporting by the healthcare provider. Report claims to the WCB CompLink Claims Centre at (204) 954-4100 or 1-800-362-3340. Inform the representative that you are seeking chiropractic care.

Social Assistance

Recipients of Manitoba Social Services have access to extended coverage once Manitoba Health coverage of 12 visits in one calendar year has been exhausted. Pre-authorization is required for all chiropractic services, prescription supports, and appliances.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Veterans do not require a referral to obtain chiropractic care. The chiropractor’s office will assist in verifying the level of coverage available.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

RCMP employees are fully covered for chiropractic care, without preauthorization, within their yearly allowance for acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy and physiotherapy. A Provider Claim Form should be completed. More information can be found at or by calling 1-888-261-4033.

Canadian Forces

Members of the Canadian Forces can access chiropractic care when prescribed by their attending physician, nurse practitioner or physiotherapist. Service personnel are usually responsible for obtaining pre-authorization for chiropractic services, and typically will be required to pay for services directly, and submit forms to their Medical Officers for reimbursement.

First Nations Non-Insured Health Benefits (FNIHB)

First Nations Non-Insured Health Benefits (FNIHB) clients may be able to obtain chiropractic services through the provincial plan. For current information on Manitoba’s policy, contact Health Canada First Nations and Inuit Health Branch at 1-800-665-8507 or (204) 983-8886.