2012 Board of Directors

Position Name
President: Dr. Bill Mulhall
Vice-President: Dr. Perry Taylor
Member: Dr. Lawrence Schledewitz
Member: Dr. Gord Partridge
Member: Dr. Dan Schaeffer
Lay Member: Mr.W. David Morrison
Lay Member: Mr. Rawle Squires
Registrar: Dr. Ernie Miron
Executive Director: Mr. Taras Luchak

Standing Committees 2012

Regulatory Committees

Standards Committee
Dr. Audrey Toth, Chair

Complaints Committee
Dr. Perry Taylor, Chair

Sub-Committee of Standards Acupuncture
Dr. Brian Lecker, Chair

Licensing Committee
Dr. Ernest Miron, Chair

Association Committees

MPI Committee
Dr. Amerjit Dhillon, Chair

Continuing Education
Dr. Chris Kramp, Chair

Insurance Committee
Dr. Gord Partridge, Chair

Research Committee
Dr. Stephan Cooper, Chair

Communications Committee
Dr. Bill Mulhall, Chair

WCB Committee
Dr. Dan Schaeffer, Chair


Manitoba Health Committee
Dr. Robert Palaschuk

Government Relations
Dr. Brian Graham