To foster and ensure the highest standard of chiropractic healthcare for all Manitobans.
The MCA is both a self-regulating professional body and a member association that governs doctors of chiropractic in Manitoba, under the legislative and regulatory authority of The Chiropractic Act.

Pursuant to this legislation, the regulatory role of the MCA is to protect the public and patients by:

  • Licensing properly qualified professionals;
  • Establishing a Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Bylaws;
  • Monitoring and evaluating professional Standards of Practice;
  • Investigating complaints and initiating disciplinary proceedings, when necessary;
  • Establishing a continuing professional competency program for all members.


The Board of the Manitoba Chiropractors Association is composed of five Directors elected from the membership and two lay members – one appointed by the Board and one appointed by the Province of Manitoba.

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Dr. Gerald Chartier, D.C.


Dr. Daniel Therrien, D.C.

Vice-President & Investigation Chairman

Dr. Pascal Breton, D.C.


Dr. Tricia Kucheravy, D.C.


Dr. Stephanie Munn, D.C.


Mr. Adam Buss

Treasurer, Board appointed lay member

Mr. Greg Dunn

Director, Government appointed lay member


Terry Shaw

Executive Director

Dr. E. Audrey Toth, D.C., C.A.F.C.I.


Sherri Smith

Office Manager

Aqdas Cheema

Regulatory and Association Administrator