Message from Manitoba Chiropractors Association about novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

We at the Manitoba Chiropractors Association understand that health providers and patients alike may be feeling anxious about novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Across Canada, all health organizations and government health officials are coordinating with up to date information to ensure that people receive the right support and direction to proceed as this situation evolves.

Manitoba Chiropractors will play a vital role in helping to flatten the curve by following the public health advice and guidance.  The Manitoba Chiropractors Association has been regularly informing the MCA Membership about new information available through Manitoba Shared Health and has been providing frequent directives related to the practice of chiropractic.

Presently, Manitoba Chiropractors have received specific instructions regarding who they may treat (essential services), how they may provide care (to ensure social distancing) and required sanitation procedures. There has also been instruction regarding closures of clinics and self isolation when appropriate. At all times, we act in the best interest of patients and people who use health services. Our first concern is the care of patients seeking chiropractic care. We encourage our providers to use their professional judgment to assess risk in the delivery of safe care informed by relevant guidance and the values and principles set out in our professional standards.

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association may issue further specific guidance and direction to our members as new information comes to light through the communications provided by Manitoba Shared Health.

As a member of the public, the Manitoba Chiropractors Association asks you to be mindful of any instructions provided to you by your chiropractor or staff during these challenging times. We ask for your patience and understanding in the event that your chiropractor has closed the door for a period of time. In the case of an office closure, please check online or leave a message with the office if you require urgent care.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at  Thank you for your understanding and be well.