About The MCA

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association’s (MCA) focus is to create an environment for the attainment of optimal health and well being, and is dedicated to fostering and ensuring the highest standard of chiropractic health care for all Manitobans. As a regulatory body, we protect and serve the public by ensuring Manitoba chiropractors provide safe, ethical, and competent services.

The MCA was enacted by provincial legislation under The Chiropractic Act in 1945, as both a regulatory body and a professional association. In 2009, the Government of Manitoba replaced The Chiropractic Act with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), which places all regulated health professions under legislative act. The act sets out the duties and the obligations of each profession in terms of their regulatory and membership duties. For more information about the RHPA, visit Manitoba Health here. For more information about the MCA as a regulatory body, visit our regulatory board site here.

 MCA Position Statement

Chiropractic and Infants Children and Adolescents

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Patient Charter of Rights

Vaccination and Immunization Position Statement