About The MCA

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association’s (MCA) focus is to create an environment for the attainment of optimal health and well being, and is dedicated to fostering and ensuring the highest standard of chiropractic health care for all Manitobans. As a regulatory body, we protect and serve the public by ensuring Manitoba chiropractors provide safe, ethical, and competent services.

The MCA was enacted by provincial legislation under The Chiropractic Act in 1945, as both a regulatory body and a professional association. In 2009, the Government of Manitoba replaced The Chiropractic Act with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), which places all regulated health professions under legislative act. The act sets out the duties and the obligations of each profession in terms of their regulatory and membership duties. For more information about the RHPA, visit Manitoba Health here. For more information about the MCA as a regulatory body, visit our regulatory board site here.

Patient Charter of Rights

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association and its members stand by the pledge that chiropractic patients have the following rights and expectations from their Doctor of Chiropractic. The Manitoba Chiropractors Association and its members endorse patient-centered practice that emphasizes collaboration between the patient and the chiropractor.

Chiropractic patients in Manitoba have the right and expectation to:

  1. Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  2. Receive chiropractic care;
    1. Without discrimination, and based solely on their health condition;
    2. With options that are presented to the patient based on their personal goals. Care options may include treatment plans of varying duration;
    3. With individualized treatment plans that evolve and change with the patient’s progress based on ongoing assessments;
    4. And have their care and how it will contribute to their health goals explained to them in terms they can understand;
    5. With respectful and honest communication, and without any additional conditions such as attendance at educational workshops, or participation of other family members.
  3. Have financial terms clearly explained to them prior to any service being provided. In particular:
    1. Patients have the right to pay for individual treatments at the time of service.
    2. Patients have the right to accept, reject or discontinue care at any time without penalty or conditions.
    3. Patients may request and must receive, in a timely manner, an itemized, detailed statement which explains the charges and services rendered.
  4. Participate in discussions and decisions with their chiropractor regarding their chiropractic care.
  5. Receive clear information from their care provider about:
    1. Their diagnosis, prognosis and the proposed treatment plan
    2. Other options for care including referral to other healthcare providers or other chiropractors if appropriate
    3. Any significant risks associated with the proposed treatment.
  6. Know the identity and professional status of any individual providing care to them.
  7. Consult with, or seek care from, any other healthcare practitioner, including another chiropractor.
  8. Reasonable access to their treatment records.
  9. Have their personal and health information protected from disclosure, and know with assurance that their chiropractor and the office staff will comply with all provincial and federal privacy and health information legislation.
  10. Be informed of research projects, clinical training programs or data gathering process under the direction of the chiropractor and be given the choice to consent or decline participation. Generic data collection devoid of personal identifiers does not require individual patient consent.

Your chiropractor can answer any questions you have about your rights and expectations as a patient. You may also contact the Manitoba Chiropractors Association.