Chiropractic Legislation in Manitoba

The MCA is both a self-regulating professional body and a member association that governs doctors of chiropractic in Manitoba, under the legislative and regulatory authority of The Chiropractic Act.

In addition, the profession is governed by a set of regulations drawn up by government and a set of by-laws as approved by the membership at large. The MCA regulatory framework is also accompanied by Standards of Practice, a Code of Ethics, Practice Directives and Regulatory Notices.

This combination of legislation and regulations guides and directs the MCA in their mission of fostering and ensuring the highest standard of chiropractic healthcare for all Manitobans.

Making a Complaint

As the professional regulatory body for Doctors of Chiropractic in Manitoba, our primary responsibility is to protect the public. To this end, the MCA uses a complaints process as empowered by legislation (The Chiropractic Act) to address allegations of unacceptable conduct and practice by any Manitoba Chiropractor.

If you would like to lodge a complaint against a chiropractor, please fill out and submit the form below.

Licensing in Manitoba

By law, every province requires chiropractors to earn a license before they are granted the privilege of treating the public. The licensing criteria for all Manitoba applicants can be found on the MCA’s License Application which can be accessed using the link below.

Contact the Registrar at if you have any questions about licensing.

Locum or Visiting Chiropractor

For information, please contact the MCA Registrar at

Privacy & Patient Rights