Pushing your limits takes some adjustment

Chiropractic care helped Doug get back to a very active lifestyle.

At 55, Doug is a busy guy with a very active lifestyle. He enjoys sports, practicing martial arts, yoga and weight training — and he likes to push himself in all of them. When back and leg discomfort set in and he began to experience chronic fatigue, he assumed it was caused by normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, the issues got worse and started to limit Doug’s physical capabilities, forcing him to slow down. When he mentioned his nagging back issues to a friend, she recommended he see her chiropractor. Hoping for a solution, Doug booked an appointment.

“The initial visit was an important experience,” explained Doug. “My chiropractor actually cared and I could tell I wasn’t just a number to him. He was very sincere.” The process started with a detailed initial assessment, where he gained an understanding of Doug’s history, career demands, and lifestyle. He diagnosed the underlying issue and noted that Doug’s body was compensating for it, worsening his discomfort. As is common for many people, this kind of problem reaches a point where they become less active, gain weight, and their pain gets continuously worse. After receiving an adjustment and prescribed exercises to support his recovery, Doug left the appointment feeling great and like he made a new friend.

Between the exercises and adjustments, Doug started getting stronger and feeling better. Before long, he was able to get back to the things he loves to do without worrying about back pain. “Now when somebody tells me they’re in pain, I tell them that I have a guy,” adds Doug. “But you have to be willing to do the work — it’s tremendous, but you need to do the exercises in addition to the adjustment.”