A gentle hand makes all the difference

Chiropractic care helped Jennifer leave her worries — and pain — at the door.

After Jennifer injured her lower back, severe pain impeded her daily activities for months. She struggled to bend over, stand for long periods, and would experience sharp jolts of pain if she moved the wrong way. Despite taking painkillers, it was clear she couldn’t find lasting, reliable relief on her own. Fed up with chronic suffering, she decided to see a chiropractor. “I knew seeing a chiropractor was what I had to do,” explains Jennifer. “I was in a lot of pain. I could tell something was wrong and living like that wasn’t an option.”

Jennifer had some apprehension going into her first appointment with a chiropractor. She was worried that the treatment would be painful and was off-put by the thought of having her back cracked. Expressing her concerns to her chiropractor, she was assured that her adjustments would be gentle and pain-free — and that’s exactly what Jennifer experienced. What’s more, she felt significantly better almost immediately after her first adjustment.

From there, her treatment included adjustments, applying heat to the painful areas, and prescribed stretches and exercises for her to do at home. Jennifer steadily recovered and was soon able to manage her pain without the need for painkillers. “Nobody should live in pain,” adds Jennifer. “If you’re in pain, there’s someone out there who can help you.” Today, she continues to see a chiropractor to prevent and maintain the freedom of movement and quality of life she reclaimed.