Everybody can benefit from chiropractic care

Young people like Paige suffer from back pain too — and chiropractors are here to help.

Paige suffered from severe back pain at a very young age. At just 14 years old, standing or moving around for as little as half an hour would be so painful that she would have to sit down and rest. At times it was bad enough that she would have difficulty breathing. While it was clear something wasn’t right, doctors and physiotherapists were unable to diagnose a specific issue or provide lasting relief. Her parents were seeing a chiropractor at the time and soon decided to bring their daughter with them.

Like many new chiropractic patients, Paige was nervous going into her first appointment. Her chiropractor kept this in mind, reassuring her that adjustments are gentle. He explained the issue she was experiencing and a treatment plan to address the underlying causes. He also prescribed a few exercises Paige could do that would support her recovery. She found that the adjustments were painless and, most importantly, effective. It wasn’t long before she looked forward to going to the chiropractor.

Almost a year after first seeing a chiropractor, Paige doesn’t have to take breaks while walking like she had to before. In fact, she enjoys figure skating and curling without any pain and is much more comfortable while walking or running. “Seeing a chiropractor has been huge for me,” notes Paige. “I was pretty nervous at first but I’m so glad I went. It isn’t something you need to be worried about.”