Chiropractors provide a helping hand when it’s needed most

When Patti was told she would never walk again, chiropractic care helped her take back her health and quality of life.

When Patti suffered a severe back injury at work, her back seized up so badly that she couldn’t move off the couch for days. The pain continued to build until she had to call an ambulance — even getting her on the stretcher was a challenge. She spent two weeks in the hospital and was told she would never walk again. She was prescribed painkillers, however, these only dulled the pain and did not address the underlying injury. Not wanting to rely on pills, Patti soon chose to explore drug-free treatment with her chiropractor.

Following an assessment, Patti’s chiropractor diagnosed her injury and recognized the seriousness of it. While it would likely affect Patti for the rest of her life, her chiropractor created a treatment plan that would minimize the injury’s impact and provide drug-free relief for her pain. This initially included frequent visits to support optimal healing, with fewer visits required as she recovered. He also prescribed a specialized set of exercises that would help restrengthen the muscles around the injury to assist in recovery and prevent re-injury. The results were dramatic. “If not for my chiropractor, I don’t think I’d be walking today,” explains Patti. “I’d likely be in a wheelchair without him. He’s an excellent healer and a close friend.”

Patti’s back occasionally gives her some trouble, but her chiropractor has taught her what to watch out for and when it’s time to get an adjustment. Working with her chiropractor has enabled her to manage her pain and continue to do the things she enjoys, without the need for drugs. “Chiropractors treat you like a person, not just a number. They’re invested in your emotional well-being in addition to your spinal health.”